Key Features

The KINGVAC 11000 vacuum loading system is designed utilising a roots type vac pump to maintain a continuous 27” Hg vacuum with up to 6500 m3 per hour. We use twin cyclones and a baghouse with reverse pulsation to filter down to 1.0 microns if required. The suction system allows horizontal and vertical extraction of fines, mud, and sullage.

Depending on the type and size of the material to be transferred, the correct vac pump speed can be selected to allow the vertical and horizontal meterage as required by everyone’s needs.

Advanced Technology

Remote Diagnostics


KINGVAC 11000 comes equipped with a remote diagnostic modem which enables Kingvac to connect remotely to the machine and effectively diagnose problems or carry out customer modifications and updates.


Operator Controls


KINGVAC 11000 operator controls are kept simple so that more time can be spent vacuum loading.  A graphic display communicates machine status to the operator so they can make informed decisions regarding machine start/stop, automatic shutdown, or faults.  The control system has programmed safeguards and interlocks to protect the operator from injury and to protect the machine against misuse or incorrect operating procedure.


Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump

KINGVAC 11000 features a Robuschi tri-lobe positive displacement vac pump which produces a deep vacuum along with a high airflow allowing any vacuum loading job to be tackled with ease.

Renowned Reliability

Air Flow, Pump and Drive Performance

Robuschi RB-DV 145 6500m3 per hour. 

Tri-lobe positive displacement and internally cooled, vacuum pump. Direct engine driven through the gearbox, transfer box and tail shaft. Roots type vac pump providing 27 Hg of continuous vacuum.

Power unit is driven by the main engine via an OMSI transfer case rated at 470 HP.

Built to Last

Mechanical Driveline


KINGVAC 11000 features a solid driveline to the vac pump, avoiding belts, pulleys and hydraulic drive systems.  When properly maintained, the driveline to the vac pump will last the lifetime of the machine.


Heavy Duty Cab Chasis


KINGVAC 11000 features mainly on a Volvo FM cab chassis which provides a heavy-duty frame, ample horsepower for both the pump and for cartage, along with comfort and safety required in today’s industry.

KINGVAC 11000 is fully integrated to the cab chassis onto which it is built.  Integration enables the Kingvac to operate seamlessly with the truck driveline and safety systems.


Safe to Operate

Many Safety Features


The KINGVAC 11000 is designed with safety in mind.  All rotating shafts are covered. Many safety features are used including emergency shutdown, overfill protection, electrical isolation units, braid-covered cables, moisture-sealed electrical plugs and sockets, sealed control cabinets, slowed hydraulics, control interlocks, a remote emergency button on a cord and more.  Vacuum stops trigger a relief valve on the tank. 

Built to Last

Interception Tank & Surface Coatings

The tank has an 8,000-litre volume with 8mm mild steel construction. The external surface coatings have been sandblasted and primed with epoxy primer and finished in Polyurethane.


Multiple Loading Options

Loading can be fixed to the top of the tank, non-swivelling. Alternatively swivelling from the top of the tank, extending with radio control. Units can also have no boom, with entry in the upper rear of the tank.

Maximum Airflow

4 Stage Dust Filtration


Primary separation is in the main tank with the help of rubber baffles to slow product velocity. 

2nd and 3rd separation is through two cyclones which extract most airborne material that bypasses the main debris tank.

Final filtration is through the main baghouse containing 24 pleated bag cartridges which will remove the remaining airborne material. The baghouse also has an automatic reverse pulse system to keep the filters clean allowing maximum airflow. This filtration sequence allows single mode operation without changing from dry to wet product.

Does the job

Easy Unloading


KINGVAC 11000 features a tipping debris tank with a tipping angle to 47 degrees allowing easy dumping of waste.  An electric vibrator will help remove any stubborn material.  Decant valves also allow liquid waste to be removed without opening the debris door.

Easy to operate effectively

Hydraulic Rear Door & Electric Vibrator

The rear door is hydraulically controlled and reinforced. A specially designed EPDM rubber provides a positive leak-free seal. An electric vibrator is mounted to the tank to assist with the removal of all waste products.

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