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At Kingvac, we provide heavy-duty vacuum truck pump solutions for mining, industrial waste and civil sectors.

Our vacuum trucks are built tough, and stay tough. We design and manufacture our vacuum loaders in Australia to operate reliably and consistently for Australian conditions.

Kingvac industrial vacuum loaders drive more efficient and productive operations for a range of industries, including waste reduction and disposal services, to mining, hydro-excavating, pipeline construction, underground service locating, hospitality and processing.

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Meet the Kingvac 11000 vacuum truck

The KINGVAC 11000 heavy duty vacuum loader is the pride of our fleet. To those who know and love it, it’s the Kingvac sucker truck. Operators recognise its optimal design for ease of use, along with efficient servicing and cleaning. We’ve prioritised safety across all the features of the KINGVAC 11000, including emergency shutdown, overfill protection, moisture-sealed electrical plugs and control interlocks.

Our flagship vehicle is an easy-to-operate, safe and cost-effective vacuum truck solution for both liquid and solid vacuuming. The tank has a 8,000-litre volume and a maximum air flow of up to 6,500 cubic metres per hour.

The KINGVAC 11000 has helped clients nationwide to solve their industrial vacuum needs since 1993. Our trucks are safe, reliable and durable. All terrains, all conditions, all operations.

Built tough. Stays tough.

We designed the KINGVAC 11000 tough and durable to withstand the harshest Australian operational environments. Our containment systems allow the vacuum loading of solids, slurries, dry powders, sludges and non-hazardous wastes. 

Our customers tell us our vacuum loaders thrive in their tough conditions. And they’re straight-forward to use. With single mode operations, you can go from wet to dry product vacuum without changeover procedures.

Remote Diagnostics

Our trucks have incorporated remote diagnostics for more than a decade, allowing our technicians to conduct full diagnostic check-ups and support to maintain maximum onsite performance. The customer or service technician can access via an on- screen display, mobile app, or web interface. This provides fleet managers better protection, maintenance, and peace of mind about their assets.

Find out more

Find out more about the technical features of the KINGVAC 11000, or explore our extensive range of  parts.

  • Safety features
  • Four filtration stages
  • Heavy duty vacuum pump
  • Dust extraction
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Easy unloading
  • Heavy duty cab chassis
  • Air flow, pump and drive performance
  • Reliable driveline
  • Multiple loading options

Kingvac. Built in Australia, for Australian conditions

Reliable. Durable. High performance.

Kingvac has been producing premium-quality vacuum trucks for three decades. We pride ourselves on our reliability, superior servicing, and innovative tech and safety inclusions.

We have grown from our base in Perth, Western Australia, to help national clients across a wide variety of industries. Fleet Managers can protect valuable assets and monitor performance.

After Sales Support

Kingvac service does not end with the delivery of your vacuum truck. Our local support team will continue to provide our remote diagnostics service, along with the reconditioning of older models to ensure they employ the latest technology.

Some of our valued clients include.

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Get in touch?

To find out more about our vacuum loaders, or to book an appointment, contact the Kingvac team on (08) 9434 6644 or use our online contact form.

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