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KingVAC 11000

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KingVAC 11000

The KingVAC 11000 is an Industrial Vacuum Loader which boasts more airflow and higher vacuum than anything in it's class.
It is capable of sucking wet and/or dry material without any changeover procedures.
It also features 3 stages of dust filtration which ensures that nothing but clean air enters the blower, whilst maintaining maximum flow.

KingVAC 11000's are renowned for their simple operation, reliability and their ability to tackle almost every job with ease.

This vacuum truck is ready for immediate sale and delivery


  • Make: Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Engine: 420HP 6CYL Diesel
  • Drive: 8x4 twin steer
  • Transmission: 16 Speed Road Ranger
  • Air Conditioned

Vacuum Pump

  • 6500cfm
  • Tri-lobe positive displacement
  • Direct engine driven through the gearbox, transfer box and tail shaft
  • Fitted with a KingVAC muffler which exceeds the manufacturers own specifications
  • Fitted with accessible oil drains mounted to the chassis making servicing simple
  • Fitted with a temperature probe to monitor blower exhaust temperature
  • Rubber mounted to limit vibration and chassis fatigue

Debris Tank

  • 8mm mild steel horizontally mounted oval cylinder
  • 10,000Litre capacity
  • engineered to withstand 100% vacuum
  • engineered to comply with controlled waste standards
  • finished with a high quality tank liner
  • low overall height due to it's oval design
  • full tipping function
  • opening rear door with hydraulic wedge locking system
  • 3 Rubber curtains which act as deflectors and aid in filtration


  • Gearbox driven PTO
  • Hydraulic functions:
    • Rear door opening, closing and locking
    • Tank Tipping
    • Bag house lid opening, closing and locking
    • Quality hydraulic fittings and hoses


  • 3 stages of filtration:
    1. The curtains in the debris tank slow the product down so that it falls to the bottom of the tank using gravitational force
    2. The twin cyclones separate the dust and air with centrifugal force by spinning it in a cyclonic motion
    3. The bag house contains 24 filters with a fine filter element which separates the dust  that escapes from the first two stages using reverse air pulse technology to ensure the filters stay clean
  • Bag house sequencial timer with adjustable pulse and pause times
  • Floating ball to eliminate carry-over of liquids

Operator Controls

  • Front emergency stop button
  • Rear emergency stop button
  • Corded remote emergency stop button
  • Radio remote vacuum breaker
  • Vibrator Button
  • Work light switch
  • PTO switch
  • Truck/Blower mode switch
  • LCD Information Screen
  • Tank tipping Lever
  • Bag house lid open/close lever
  • Rear debris door open/close/lock lever

Automatic controls

  • Vacuum release valve
  • Throttle control
  • Inlet knife valve
  • Bag house air pulsation
  • Vibrator timer
  • Vacuum release light
  • Blower under/over speed control
  • Tank level vacuum shut off
  • Blower over temperature shut off
  • Truck engine protection shutdown system

The KingVAC 11000 in action sucking phosphate dust from underneath a crusher at Christmas Island

Blower is running in 4th gear (26% of full RPM) and sucking through 20m of 4" tiger hose


The KingVAC 11000 in action unloading phosphate dust at Christmas Island