Truck FeaturesGood old fashioned mechanical and hydraulic machinery with the necessary state-of-the-art controls

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High Flow, Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuums

Industrial Vacuum Loader which boasts more airflow and higher vacuum than anything in it's class.


3 stages of dust filtrationwhich ensures that nothing but clean air enters the blower, whilst maintaining maximum flow.

Simple and Reliable

Renowned for their simple operation, reliability and their ability to tackle almost every job with ease..

Industrial Vacuum Loaders

capable of sucking wet and/or dry material without any changeover procedures.

Truck Features

Operator Controls

Corded remote emergency stop buttonRadio remote vacuum breaker and Truck/Blower mode switch

Vacuum Pump

Tri-lobe positive displacementDirect engine driven through the gearbox, transfer box and tail shaft.

Debris Tank

8mm mild steel horizontally mounted oval cylinderengineered to withstand 100% vacuum.


Rear door opening, closing and locking - Bag house lid opening, closing and locking